Charlie B’s Story of Hope

Place of Hope Alumnus Charlie B. celebrated six years of recovery on December 12th!! Here is a bit of his testimony:

I had nothing left. Not even the courage to carry out my suicide threat. I agreed to get help so I contacted my substance abuse counselor. You see I wasn’t like all the other alcoholics. I didn’t need a sponsor. I paid a counselor instead. Knowing that I was missing the spiritual tools for my recovery, he recommended the Place of Hope. I arrived at the Place on 12/13/2005.

My first year of sobriety was confusing. After a lifetime of putting me first, it was difficult to put God in charge of everything. When areas of my life weren’t going well I soon realized it was because I had taken it back to fix. I had to constantly give it back to God. I just knew I had to reach my pillow every night without a drink or a drug and He would take care of the rest. “Keep coming back” may be a cliché, but it works even when we don’t know why.

Today I am involved with AA at my home group and at the state level. I have taken the message to a local prison for three years. I sponsor many guys who are where I was. Some are still sober, some aren’t. We have to give it away to keep it. I want to thank the staff of POH for all of the tools they taught me to use. Putting Jesus first in my life has allowed me to witness spiritual experiences on a daily basis. God bless the Place of Hope and their staff.

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