Eric R’s Story of Hope

When I showed up at the Place of Hope I was a lost cause (at least I thought I was). I’d been a junkie for twenty years, hooked on opiates and cocaine. When I arrived on August 5th 2010 I had just made bond on three very serious charges. I honestly don’t know why I ended up here, but I thank God today for the gift of desperation. 

Once I was here I started listening and praying again. I started really trusting God, even though the odds were not in my favor at all. My choices had me facing a prison sentence of fifteen years and I had to make a new decision now. With the strength God gave me I decided that no matter what I would trust Him, and shortly after that I got a great job doing what I love. My court date came, and armed with prayer and friends by my side I walked into the courtroom and back out the same day!!

I haven’t turned back yet, not today anyway. I just had 18 months clean and sober, my life has meaning and purpose, and God gets all the credit. I thank God and the Place of Hope for all the help. 
“it works if you work it”

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