We Say Thank You!

We want to say thank you to several church families who poured themselves into PoH in July! Pastor Dan Smith and his mighty warriors from United Church in Gallatin, Tn. descended upon Place Of Hope and attacked residential rooms and brought their gifts, talents abilities and skills to renovate and remodel. They were soon followed by Pastor Nick Serban III’s Full Life A/G church from Franklin, Tn. They were completing a huge restoration project they had begun earlier in the week. Next came Bob Evenson from Southview Community Church in Spring Hill, Tn., pastored by Mark Rampulla. Bob was putting the finishing touches on tjeir project. All of these incredible men, women, and young people were working in extreme temp and humidity without a/c. This was such an inspirational example of the Body of Christ coming together to unselfishly help the least of the least in the Spirit of the Amazing Love of Jesus. May He richly bless all of you and your church families in every area of your lives. Thank you from all of us at POH.

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