Homeless Shelter

After opening the center and beginning to provide treatment services for alcoholics and addicts, we became aware of a need to provide temporary shelter for homeless people.  Having such a wonderful facility, we felt an obligation to provide a place to stay for those in need.  Many churches refer homeless individuals to our facility.

In addition, Maury County Sheriff’s Department, Columbia Police Department, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol refer the homeless people to us.  Prior to accepting the homeless, they must be checked through one of these law enforcement agencies to ensure that they are not fugitives.  We evaluate why the person is homeless.  We determine whether the situation is temporary caused by an unfortunate condition caused by chemical dependency, mental illness, eccentricity, unwillingness to work, or some other reason.

We teach job readiness skills, Biblical principles for successful living, and independent living skills in an effort to enable individuals to get back on their feet.

A recent survey taken in our immediate community of Columbia, Tennessee reported that on any given night, there are approximately 30 people who are sleeping in cars or abandoned houses or buildings.

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As a non-profit recovery center we rely on our generous supporters to partner with us in providing hope and life to our clients.

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